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BTO signed license agreement with Star-ODDI

At the end of year 2010 BTO achieved a license agreement with Star-Oddi, Reykjavik, Iceland, about the jointly developed project, DST Geomag connected to IMR (havforskningsinstituttet) in Bergen. This is a new invention consisting of a type of data storage tag that will be used as a trip recorder or "black box" for fish.

DST Geomag is a project between Star-ODDI and IMR (Havforskningsinstituttet) and both parts are looking forward to collaboration and further development of the technology. The two parts have contributed with expertise to the project,  whereas  the researchers at Star-Oddi have engineering expertise in R&D of measuring instruments, researchers at IMR have geophysical background and knowledge of how to yield geographical position from a geomagnetic measurement.  Dr. Hans Hagen Stockhausen is the researcher and founder at IMR.

About the technology

The tags developed will be used on fish, and through measurments it can be possible to find its positions. This will be implemented by measuring pressure, temperature, spatial orientation in two axes and magnetic field value in three axes. The magnetic field values are calibrated in a known magnetic field (e.g. generated by a set of suitable coils) under varying controlled temperature conditions. The geographical position (and thus the location of the tag on the earth’s surface) can be achieved by comparing the magnetic measurment from the tag with data derived from global magnetic field models. Due to its small size «DST magnetic» can be used with fish from only 30cm length onwards.

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