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Value of clinical studies

Menon Economics has, on behalf of Legemiddelindustrien (LMI), prepared an analysis about the value of industry-initiated clinical studies for the Norwegian society.

The analysis shows that industry-initiated clinical studies particularly creates value within five areas:

  1. increased quality of treatment in the Norwegian health care
  2. increased capacity in the health care as a result of resources allocated from industry to hospitals
  3. savings for the public sector as industry funded treatment replaces publicly funded treatment
  4. increased research activity and quality in health care
  5. strengthened business development which in turn increases employment and value creation

Furthermore, the analysis evaluate the challenges connected to the implementation of industry-initiated clinical studies and discuss how Norway can attract more industry-initiated studies in the future.

By quantifying the value that clinical studies create in Norway, Menon wish to contribute to a factual discussion of the importance of investments in clinical studies for the society. In fact, statistics from the report display a 30 percent decrease in the number of clinical studies in Norway the recent years. The report emphasize the importance of improving the infrastructure for these studies in Norway to turn the negative trend around.

BTO manages clinical studies on behalf of Haukeland University Hospital. You can read more about clinical studies or submit a study yourself here.

You can find the full Menon report here.