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Welfaremeter for fish

The Welfaremeter is a new system to measure, assess and advice on fish pens. The system is developed by researchers at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) and others. Prototype of the welfaremeter has been tested at Austevoll fish farm. Based on the experiences of the prototype, the new welfare meter consists of a control unit and probe that are placed together on a platform suitable for all kinds of fish pens. Now the welfaremeter is ready to be introduced to the market.

At the moment, the industrial partners are in a process of optimize a reliable and industrial reproducible measurement platform and reference probe. They will also develop the software and user interface further, in order to provide better information about the conditions in the pens. Each pen/fish farm will get a homepage with a secure log-on for online monitoring. The companies will cooperate on the further development of the system, and the next step is to present the Welfaremeter on the market. The companies will be in charge of produce, market and maintain the Welfaremeter, and handling the further commercialisation of the system.

The platform or buoy will endure rough environmental conditions in wave-exposed areas. A reference probe will also be made in order to compare the conditions inside the pens with the conditions outside the pens. The complete system will include “Welfaremeter – Sea Surveillance”, where data from the Welfaremeter profiling probe and reference probe are instantly available for viewing on an easy to use and intuitive internet application. In addition to “Welfaremeter – Sea Surveillance”, the Aquaculture version will also include classification of environmental conditions in relation optimal salmon production and welfare.