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BTO projects praised as ones to watch

Three BTO projects are highlighted in Teknisk Ukeblads article about exciting startup companies you should follow in 2015. BerGenBio, TuniChor and One2Touch are all proclaimed as ones to watch.

Teknisk Ukeblad recently published an article titled ”These are the 20 startup companies you should follow in 2015”. The magazine has asked investors, entrepreneurs, non-governmental organisations and key people in the entrepreneurial community about which Norwegian technological startup companies they think are the most exciting in 2015.

The magazine received a total of 56 suggestions and selected 20 of them. Unique technology is important, but it was not the sole criterion. The criteria were that the companies have already started, are active internationally and are likely to be substantial in the coming years.

Three projects that BTO is involved in are mentioned in the final selection:


BerGenBio is developing novel therapeutics for cancer types that are aggressive and have become resistant to therapy, thus causing poor prognosis for patients. The company has discovered targets of the epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) pathway, a process that causes cancers to gain an aggressive phenotype to become more invasive and resistant to therapies. Thus, they are targeting this problem by developing drugs that may inhibit elements in the EMT. Which may in turn improve cancer prognosis for patients.



TuniChor is developing a new environmental friendly and renewable source of marine biomass for biofuel production and animal feed. At its facilities, just outside of Bergen, the company develops products from Tunicates. The mucous organism, which lives in the sea, contains both protein and cellulose. Cultivation of Tunicates do not compete with production of food as it doesen´t require major changes in land use.



One2Touch represents the first true low cost wireless keyboard on the market allowing the user to simply place the phone on the keyboard and start typing – touch & type. One2Touch utilizes the short distance wireless capabilities of NFC / FeLiCa enabled mobile phones to achieve touch & typeTM functionality. An integrated RFID technology and flexible silicon design makes it optimized for mobile use and a low cost budget. The product has an ultra low power design, and as such, no change of batteries is required.


You can read Teknisk Ukeblads article here «Disse 20 oppstartsbedriftene bør du følge med på i 2015» (Norwegian only)

Picture: facsimile tu.no