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one2TOUCH receives international attention

“-It makes sense for users to buy keyboard covers for tablets, but for smartphones? That just seems like unnecessary bulk, right?”, asks OFWeek – a Chinese publication with 2 million subscribers. The answer becomes clear when they discover a Norwegian invention

one2TOUCH recently showcased its newest Flipcover-products at the Consumer Electronics Week in New York. More than 3000 people attended the electronics show, making it the largest technology show in New York.  The NFC based technology, which is a spin-out company from Haukeland University Hospital, was met with great interest from people that visited the one2TOUCH stand.

«It was particularly tech journalists, tech analysts, buyers and potential distributors and distribution channels. The reactions did not wait for itself in prestigious tech media worldwide«, writes the company in an official statement.

The Flipcover has been mentioned in publications from all over the world. Media in the US, Germany, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Iran, Poland and China have all written about the products. OFWeek – a Chinese webpublication with 2 million members – quotes  the review done by the trendsetting tech blog Geeky:

«The folks at Geeky have recently managed to get a hands-on with the device during CE Week in New York and one of the cool features of the one2TOUCH Flipcover is the fact that you will never have to recharge it. How does that work, you ask? First of all, the keyboard pairs with smartphones using NFC. Through the NFC connection, it will be able to draw ambient power thus powering itself and ensuring that users will never need to recharge it ever. This is incredibly handy as it also means the keyboard can remain thin as it does not need to pack a huge battery in it to keep itself going, and from what we can tell of its design, it looks pretty good.»

one2 TOUCH has been overwhelmed by the reception its products has received in the tech society:

«It says a lot about the interest in the product, and the one2Touch team has got renewed faith in that the Flipcover can be a huge international success«, the company writes in the official statement.

The adventure started in 2005, when Torbjørn Aasen, chief engineer and researcher at Haukeland University Hospital, read about the new NFC technology. He found it both interesting and promising, and started to develop the idea of the world’s first wireless keyboard without need for charging or battery replacement.

BTO and Dag Finne have been in charge of the business development process, which led to the establishment of the company one2TOUCH in 2009.

one2TOUCH will launch its products in the US by the end of the year.

Please visit the one2TOUCH website for more information about their products.


Main picture: Montage of various publications that have written about one2TOUCH products after Consumer Electronics Week