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Picture of Hilde (leader of the incubator), the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister in the Incubator

Siva increases funding to Nyskapingsparken

Nyskapingsparken is experiencing great interest from entrepreneurs who want to join the incubator. On the February deadline, 26 start-ups applied for office space. As of today, more than 50 companies are now affiliated with this nuturing environment. Siva is now increasing its financial support to Nyskapingsparken as part of a major national investment in innovation.

Siva, who is part of the public support system for innovation, is increasing its national support scheme for the development of new industries by offering 32 million NOK in support. That means the 33 incubators in Siva’s innovation network can apply for a total of 85 million NOK in funding.

In addition, Siva has launched a new allocation model. The purpose is to increase the results from public support funds. This new mechanism involves an increased commitment in the incubators with the biggest potential and greatest achievements.

This is a targeted effort where we highlight the best environments and where we use funds to provide the greatest impact. It will make Siva into a more effective instrument for innovation and thus contribute to increased value creation, says Kjerstin Spjøtvoll, Director of innovation at Siva.

Nyskapingsparken status is strengthened as a result of the new allocation model. The funding model has four levels based on a number of criteria for value creation, achievement and future potential. Nyskapingsparken has achieved the second highest level of funding, a “2” and means that the incubator will receive 3 million NOK in annual funding from Siva – an increase of 1.7 million NOK from 2014.  Only three out of 33 incubators have qualified higher and since Nyskapingsparken is such a young establishment, this achievement is notable.

This is a great recognition of the expended effort, the results we achieve, and not least the potential that we have here in Bergen. This is funding that will strengthen our environment as it gives us the opportunity to expand our services further. We will continue to work hard to create new businesses and new jobs in our region. If we succeed in reaching our targets, we are sure that Siva in time will classify us at Level 1. That´s our ambition, says Hilde Indresøvde, General Manager of Nyskapingsparken.

Main Picture: Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg (right) and Minister of Finance Siv Jensen (second from right) visited Nyskapingsparken earlier this year. Hilde Indresøvde, General Manager of Nyskapingsparken, gave the dignitaries a tour of the facilities and presented them for various entrepreneurs.

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Hilde Indresøvde, General Manager Nyskapingsparken

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