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Anders Haugland presenting BTO to Siv Jensen, Minister of Finance
Anders Haugland, CEO of BTO, explaines how BTO are working to meet the rising demand and interest from the oil and gas industry

Minister of Finance visited BTO

The Minister of Finance in Norway, Siv Jensen, visited Bergen Teknologioverføring Tuesday 13th September. The minister is currently working on "Perspektivmeldingen 2017" and asked us for input, with a particular focus on the restructuring of the oil and gas industry.

The purpose of «Perspektivmeldingen 2017» is to identify important challenges for the Norwegian economy, the public finances and for the continuation of the Norwegian welfare system.

Anders Haugland standing beside Siv Jensen, Minister of FinanceAnders Haugland, CEO of Bergen Teknologioverføring, introduced the latest application numbers from our incubator Nyskapingsparken. We received 57 applications for the incubator program, and 20 of these were related to oil and gas. We have never experienced such a great interest, and there is an apparent trend that more people want to explore the possibility to innovate within this sector.

Mr. Haugland also highlighted what expertise and capacity BTO can offer to meet the rising demand and interest from the oil and gas industry.

Wisub, a former incubator company from Nyskapingsparken, also attended the meeting. The award winning subsea company produces innovative subsea communication products. CEO Mark Bokenfohr explained how Wisub have benefitted from being part of our incubator and environment. He could also show the minister how they have further developed their products to fit into other markets than the subsea industry.

GCE Subsea did also participate in the meeting, highlighting how the industry is working to handle the restructuring of the oil and gas industry.