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Portrait of Simen Karlsen and Emil Pamer from Travelogue.
Simen Karlsen and Emil Pamer from Travelogue and three other projects from Bergen were granted one million each from FORNY STUD-ENT. Photo: the Research Council of Norway

Four million to student projects in Bergen

Four student projects from Bergen have been granted one million each in funding from the STUD-ENT programme at the Research Council of Norway. BTO has been involved in all the projects.

FORNY STUD-ENT is a programme by the Research Council of Norway, with the purpose of helping students finance their innovative ideas. In addition, the programme aims at strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship culture among students. Each project granted funding can receive up to one million NOK for further developing their project.

Eight projects from the educational institutions in Bergen applied for this year’s FORNY STUD-ENT. Four of these have been granted funding.


One of the projects receiving funding is Amiroh from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Amiroh is a radically new make-up mirror, using smart-mirror technology with the aim of improving the make-up process of the users, in addition to creating a platform for direct marketing for the cosmetics industry. The platform combines courses, social media integration and the possibility to buy make-up products.

– The fact that we received funding from the Research Council of Norway was crucial for our project. It was “make it or break it” for us, says Tomas Roaldsnes, one of the founders.

Theatre based education programme

Another project receiving funding is TIU-kompani from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. TIU-kompani is the only provider of professional theatre based education programmes in Norway. Their services will help engage young pupils through drama and theatre.

– We notice that there is a desperate need for the service we can provide, and we have a burning commitment to the project, says Marte Rosenvinge from TUI-kompani.

Communication platform

CresCat from NHH Norwegian School of Economics has developed a digital communication platform for big events, where preparations, distribution and managing of information is combined. This will help the actors organising culture and conference events cooperate in a more efficient way.

– We are motivated by many factors, and especially the great opportunity of making use of theory from our studies in practise, says Matteo Blomberg Ghini from CresCat.

Improved travel system

The fourth project receiving funding is Travelogue from the University of Bergen. Travelogue is a travel expense invoice system handling all parts of the process, from registration to control.

– It started as a project as a part of our studies, and we have now worked on it for one and a half year, says Emil Pamer, one of the founders.

Commitment to student entrepreneurship

Student entrepreneurship has been an important priority for BTO and our owners for the last year. Students with an innovative idea can receive help to develop their idea further, including help with funding applications and business development to bring the idea to the market.

– There has been a great focus on student entrepreneurship here at BTO and among our owners lately. We see the enormous potential and talent among the students. This, combined with a desire from the education institutions of building a great culture for student entrepreneurship, has made this an important focus and we already started looking for applicants for next year’s FORNY STUD-ENT, says Nils-Eivind Holmedal, business developer at BTO with special responsibility for student entrepreneurship.

BTO has contributed in the four projects, including help with the applications and strengthening of their business case. The four projects will now be offered incubation membership, and thus become a part of our innovative environment. BTO will also offer the students help with business development.

We look forward to continue the cooperation with the students in the time to come.