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Team Dingo.
Parts of the team, from the left: Morten Alskog, Monica Vaksdal, Deborah Karlsen and Kjartan Nesse.

DINGO – the world’s first smart-ski solution

Dingo is the technology that will revolutionize backcountry skiing - and is in fact the world’s first smart-ski solution. The product is being developed from Mediekuben in Media City Bergen.

Dingo is the first wearable avalanche risk assessment tool for the mass market. Dingo digitally measures a full snow profile including weak layers and snow depth as well as slope gradient and applied forces.

This technology will keep skiers constantly informed about the snow conditions under them, no matter their location. Combining weather data, avalanche forecasts as well as crowd-sourced data from the Dingo community – it will create the most accurate and up to date avalanche risk information on the market.

The founders Monica Vaksdal and Deborah Karlsen are located in our incubator – Mediekuben at Media City Bergen.

– Part taking in an incubator program has been instrumental for us. Having advisers that have knowledge and a network that enables us to be focused on our project – but who also opens up for other input and inspiration has been great to our team and company, says Vaksdal.

Dingo is currently under development and they are now in a prototype, testing and data collection phase.

–There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Monica Vaksdal is a trueblue entrepreneur, and I am flattered and delighted that she asked me to be Chairman on her journey, says Business Developer at BTO Kelly Moulton. Together with Torstein Skage, Tor Arne Fanghol and Kristian Bruarøy he helps Dingo hitting the slopes.

The CEO Vaksdal, with her background as a geologist, left her job in the big oil to work with her passion  skiing in the mountains.

– As far as I´m concerned, Innovation Norway should have her plastered all over their home page as the absolute Poster Child for the After Oil Economy we are all trying to create, continues Moulton.

A successful crowdfunding history

Crowdfunding makes it possible for “normal” people to invest in good ideas or products that they want to help make it to the market. In five weeks, Dingo reached their goal with over 2 million NOK, from 30 investors. It certainly did not come free – Vaksdal and Karlsen went to a hundred customer meetings.

Key-note speaker at NMD Startup

CEO Monica Vaksdal will be a key-note speaker before eight media start-ups present themselves at NMD Startup, during the Nordic Media festival. NMD Startup is a competition for start-ups and entrepreneurs with ideas for an innovative media product, service or technology. The Nordic Media festival is the largest and most prominent assembly for media companies in the Nordic region.