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Healthline – helping children through different phases in life

Early prevention can improve peoples mental and physical health throughout life, and in this way save the society money and resources. This is the reason why Healthline developed the system LaLinea.

– Our goal with this system is that all children shall receive the help they need, through different phases in their life, says Torleiv Frotjold, CEO Healthline.

Frotjold has worked with School Development, and with a background as principal at a junior high school – he saw that many children had challenges through their upbringing.  He knew how important it was to provide the right measures at the right time. He also noticed how difficult it was to have an overview of the relevant research, and of all the different available measures. How do you implement them, and how do you keep an interdisciplinary collaboration – throughout the whole process?

Empowering local resources through service innovation

The initiative for the project came from Frotjold and psychologist Harald Simonsen – who identified the need for better coordination of preventive health work in the municipalities. Their idea is based on a knowledge-based understanding of children’s development from birth to adulthood.

Together with the municipality of Radøy, an analogue concept was developed for use in interdisciplinary cooperation between different agencies responsible for the child’s upbringing. This was presented to BTO, who wanted to help realize a commercial solution.

The result of this was the establishment of Healthline AS.  The development work has been done in close cooperation with employees at various municipal agencies, other professional environments and the software company Codelab AS.

From birth to adulthood

The goal is to strengthen the services linked to early efforts and preventive public health in municipalities and health enterprises.

We know from science, that the right prevention early, is of big meaning in relation to physical and mental health later in life. Healthline’s system can be used aligned the whole life-line between 0-100 years, and is called LaLinea.

See how LaLinea works in the video.


Healthline Promovideo from Mainlink on Vimeo.

All service providers and community leaders will have access to knowledge about challenges children and young people will experience at the different age stages arranged in an easily accessible matrix.
Through this tool, it will also be easy to get an overview of measures and programs evaluated by professional committees under the supervision of Ungsinn.

The local forces

– The concept LaLinea (TM) will be a very valuable tool for municipalities in their efforts to provide knowledge-based follow-up of children throughout their upbringing, from offerings at a health center through day care and through school years, says Senior Business Developer at BTO, Jens Andreas Reigstad.

Reigstad helps with commercialization and quality assurance of the project. He helps with the development of LaLinea, as well as attaching important connections to relevant academic environments. He is also a member of the board at Healthline.

Innovation Norway and other scholarships have contributed economically to a good technical solution.
Pilot testing has been launched at three municipalities in Nordhordland.
The film is produced by Jørgen Fotland who is part of the startup environment at Marineholmen.

BTO are co-owners of HealthLine AS.