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From the left: Anders Haugland, Anne-Margrete Øyan, Karl-Henning, Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Haakon Ragde.
Professor Karl-Henning Kalland, Senior Researcher Anne Margrete Øyan and Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen are the researchers behind the study. (From the left: Anders Haugland Anne-Margrete Øyan, Karl-Henning, Bjørn Tore Gjertsen and Haakon Ragde.)

Promising results for cancer project Alden Cancer Therapy II

At Haukeland University Hospital, a personalized immunotherapy vaccine against prostate cancer is being developed. The test results are positive and now they are ready for private investors.

Alden Cancer Therapy II has now treated 15 of the in total 18 patients in a phase I clinical study, and the results are positive. Bergens Tidende have been following the project over a long period and published a new article in association with the test results: «Lovende resultater for bergensk kreftvaksine».

Attacking cancer cells

The body’s own immune cells, which normally discovers foreign elements in the body, are stimulated to activate the additional immune system to attack the cancer cells.

So far, the treatment has been tested on patients with prostate cancer. Every year, 5000 Norwegian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the disease is fatal for 20 percent of them. This treatment can overcome part of the challenges in present immunotherapy against prostate cancer, and can in a longer perspective be adapted to other cancer types.

Inviting private investors

BTO helps commercializing the project, and help with financing, legal aid and patents.
– We are preparing for the next step, that is to invite private investors, says Senior Business Developer Monica Lislerud at Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO).

For now, the research is financed by FORNY2020 as well as private donations. The funds from FORNY2020 will be utilized to complete the clinical study, and to prepare the project for the investor phase. The objective of the project is to further develop the vaccine into an improved cancer treatment, with better effect of treatment, less side effects and increased cost efficiency compared to existing treatments.

About Alden Cancer Therapy ll

  • Karl-Henning Kalland is the CEO
  • Monica Lislerud is the project leader and responsible Business Developer at BTO
  • Anders Haugland, Managing Director at BTO, is the leader of the board
  • Alden Cancer Therapy II is a cooperation between Haukeland University Hospital and Bergen Teknologioverføring.
  • BTO is the biggest owner of the company