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Erlend Hausken from Soundio presenting.
Fighting dementia: Erlend Hausken tells us that they want to build a bridge between hospital and home with the app Alight. Photo: Nordic Media Days

Fighting dementia with music

Soundio is working on a new, revolutionary project to improve the life of dementia patiens. The project introduces technology to help strengthen their memory recollection through music.

Music is therapy. We listen to music when we are happy, when we are angry and when we are sad. Music made the medical personnel cry when they saw the effect Alight had on people with dementia.

Every third second, someone in the world develops dementia. Around 50 million people around the world are suffering from the condition that leads to reduced memory, loss of intellectual abilities as well as change of behavior and loss of ability to cope in the everyday life.


Alight is a suite of med-tech applications created to connect music therapists and patients with dementia to improve, extend and maintain the effect of medical treatment given at hospitals.

The technology is currently being tested at hospitals, and the effect is astonishing. Medical personnel ran out in the hallway and cried happy tears because of the patient’s reactions.

Alight is bridging treatment between hospital and home. When patients leave the hospital, they are often on their own. If lucky, they have family or friends to look after them. The great thing about Alight is that it is available anywhere and whenever the patient needs it. It takes the patient back to the good old days.

– We know that music therapy can have great effect. Unfortunately, we also know that excessively few receive treatment. With Alight, we want to strengthen the position of music therapy and help make it more accessible. The results we have seen so far is truly inspiring. Patients with anxiety become calmer and people with memory impairment start singing along to songs they have not heard in 30 years. With Alight, we can build a much-needed bridge between hospital and home, reduce medication and make sure that more people can get help that they need as well as improved and prolonged quality of life, says Co-founder Erlend Hausken.

Interested in working with Alight? Soundio are now looking for someone to take the project to the next step. Contact Erlend Hausken at: eh@vibble.no

Winners of the pitching competition at The Nordic Media Festival

Eight handpicked media-tech companies from Norway pitched on stage, and Soundio presented Alight. The jury voted Soundio as winners because of their ability to identify, create and implement a solution that solves a clear need in the market and with substantial social impact. Have a look at how it went down here. 

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The starting point for Alight was an initiative from BTO and a project in the special health service. Soundio is a part of our incubator Mediekuben in Media City Bergen. Currently, they are receiving help to create a business strategy for Alight, from Senior Advisor at BTO Jens Reigstad.